Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Predator tank update!

Forgot to add this guy to lineup earlier. Here's one of the Predators I got for cheap:

Despite the bad color scheme, the paint was put on well. Since it was smooth and pretty much a grey primer coat I just painted over it with black primer! I know its lazy, but all I had to do was strip it down if it didnt work...

...But fortunately it did work out, and pretty well at that. The crusader squad minis are finished save for a special weapons guy and their sergeant equivalent. I should have better pics of them up soon.

Minis Progress

Playing a lil' catch-up here, here is the minis I've been working on:

Emperor's Champi0n - My version has a huge mace instead of a sword! I also used a WH fantasy head and Sanguinary Guard chestpiece. The new Blood Angel pieces are nice, so you'll be seing them make appearances now and then. This guy has been primed as of these photos.

These guys got a repaint, Here they are awaiting touchups to the eyes and details. I couldnt do much with the base or poses since I broke one pretty badly trying to unsnap his placement/arms/head etc. and fashion them how I liked. I think the mini came out ok with some work though:

I replaced his broken off head with a new Death Company head along with some BT bits.

Here is the sergeant type guy to lead this squad with his powerfist. new BA pieces make another appearance here.

And here is the Marshal/Castellian leading this army. The best thing about him is...

I've magnetized him! I couldnt decide on a permanent head or weapon loadout so I just magnetized two heads (helmeted and un-helmeted) as well as some weapons (more to be added).

Different loadout for the Marshal. More to come!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Blog, New Restoration!

In addition to my Space Sharks, I have started a Black Templars army as well. This time, however, the army is 90% created from my bitz box and 2nd hand purchases of broken/abused/paint caked minis. Not sure what I'm talking about? well, think of one of those "before and after" makeover shows for people or houses thats all over T.V. nowadays. Let me give an example of what I'm doing:

BEFORE: As you can see, this landraider crusader I got off ebay is covered in about 4ft thick paint and missing some hatches and sensors etc. I plan to fix it up and make a decent model out of it!

Here we have the same landraider, yet I've stripped off all that nasty paint. Some residue is left, but that isnt anything a stiff toothbrush cant dig out. A good primer will cover anything left.

And now we have added some bits. This model didnt come with BT upgrade doors and whatnot, so I kinda made my own with bits. Also the missing hatches and left sponsor sensor (added as of these pics) has been replaced. All it needs now is a good primering then the painting work will begin!

This isnt limited to vehicles either check out the minis I got:

This is the quality of the mini I got 2nd hand. The base is terrible, the pose is terrible, and the paint is terrible. Some of the lesser fortunate ones had broken heads, and arms which I have since replaced before photos.

Here is one of the batch I stripped and repainted to show the tabletop quality I'm trying to get them all up too (ignore the base):

and there you have it! The Start of a sister blog to docment my progress with another army!