Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Neophytes and More!

I got my neophytes basecoated and the first coat of paint on each respective pouch, weapon,assessory,etc. as well. These photos are gonna be kinda bad due to lighting but bear with me:

These guys are pretty much brettonian-headed scouts.They are going to be kinda like a squire to a knight - carrying all their master's extra ammo, scrolls, weapons etc. for battle - hence the laden down look they got going on.

Even though he's nowhere near finished, I decided to paint one guy a little further along than to the rest to see how things would look. I like how they are turning out, especially the face.

Also the landraider got a long overdue priming and so did the marshal, meltaguy and powerfist guy. More to come!


  1. that's a really cool idea, what made you think off it?

  2. Well, after reading a Black Templar comic (i forget the name) and seeing how they'rer knights in space pretty much I figured why not make them crarrying a buncha crap plus use brettonia/empire bits from the fantasy range.

    Well, as I was looking for bits on ebay, some other guy apparently had the same idea at one time and was selling the neophytes you see now. I got them for a song of a price, and it saved me some $$ and work. So yeah, I didnt convert these guys, but they are getting a good paintjob (well at least the best I can do) from me!