Thursday, August 11, 2011

Supplies and minis acquired, big updates are coming soon!

Got a buncha stuff in to get the Black Templars back on track today! Forgeworld stormshields, BT upgrade sprues, the odd interesting bit or mini to convert - you name it, its probably gonna happen (EDIT: eventually, I know im slower than Christmas ;) ).

speaking of the odd mini, I found this lil' guy on ebay for a song so I natched him up even though someone cut off his arm:

This is a Scout Sgt. Namaan from the Dark Angels apparently. He's got a cool lil' cape thats not quite camo-cloak length so I think he'll fit right in with my other neophytes. He is missing an arm (had a scanner in it from what I've seen on interent photos) so I tacked up a makeshift arm out of a highelf bit and a bolt pistol:

May need a bit more work along with a decent paintjob and I think he'll come out fine or at least good enough! I'm about to finish up my Space Sharks for the time being , got the Librarian painted up today and his command squad will soon follow. These BT's are coming soon!

Thanks for looking!

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